MATA Project

Born with the intention of touching various musical terrain,
funding at the same time the rhythmic impulse of electronic music,
the jazz improvisation, the sound interference of ethnical music
and the “grace” of the classical music.

Nascono con l’intento di toccare vari terreni musicali
fondendo al contempo l'impulso ritmico della musica elettronica,
l'improvvisazione jazzistica, le interferenze sonore della musica etnica
e la grazia timbrica della musica classica.

Massimiliano Cocciolo
Massimiliano CoccioloSAX - ELECTRONIC SOUND
Gabriele Manzi
Gabriele ManziPIANO - KEYBOARD
Riccardo Viscardi
Riccardo ViscardiCELLO
Neney Santos

"Santai" in Indonesia is more a culture than just an expression. The word means relax. Enjoy the slow life, everything is going to be alright

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